* MARETON ltd was founded
* The company was founded by Marko Štetić and Anton Vukelić, who were the only employies in the company at that time.
* The headquarters of the company was located in Samobor (Croatia).
* Core business of the company was design, development and manufacturing of ˝power electronics˝ devices and the specificity was manufacturing of devices and systems based on specific clients´ requests.
* AC/DC Voltage rectifiers/battery chargers are being developed and manufactured as well  as DC/DC converters, measuring and protection electronics and voltage distributions.
* Switching technology is being used (30 up to 200 kHz) by using MOSFET.


* DC/AC inverters are being designed, developed and manufactured. Function frequency 20 kHz. EPROM stored sinus reference.


* Development and manufacturing of electronic devices for railway applications (lightning converters, shaving machines inverters, voltage regulators, other electronics for coaches and locomotives.
* Along with the increase of production and no. of people employed, Mareton is moving the production facility to Zagreb.
* Electrical parts for ship building industry started.


* Manufacturing of industry grade of UPS systems with DC, AC and AC+DC voltages


* Development and production of electrical equipment for trams and buses


* Development of remote controlled modular rectifiers, for constant electric power supplied loads


*Microprocessor technology adopted to be applied in UPS systems.


* Production of big power diode rectifiers for galvanization and DC motors power supply applications (rolling mills, compressors, electric traction)


* Use of PFC set in the rectifiers
* Design, development and production of different converter types for locomotives


* ISO 9001 Standard introduced


* Passage to SMD technology


* Technology of active AC voltage rectifying accepted
(MOSFET sync control at AC/DC and DC/DC converters)


* Due to its growth, Mareton has moved to a new location, Odranska 1 in Zagreb on January 1st 2007.


* M-BUS technology accepted. Development and production of remote reading counter technology.
* Development and application of soft-switching technology on MOSFET control at AC/DC and DC/DC converters


* Development and production of PLC with GSM communication


* Development and application of resonant technology at AC/DC and DC/DC converters


* Application of ACF design at DC/DC converters
* Development and production of DC/DC converter for fuel cells applications


* Development and production of rectifiers and DC/DC converters with LLC technology


* Development of microprocessor controlled tram switches heating control system (with current, voltage, and malfunction heating system control) including GSM communication


* Development of microprocessor unit equipped with touch screen display.
* Development of high efficiency rectifier/battery charger of 3 kW power (plug in module 3U x 21 TE with fan cooling).
* Development of new AC, DC and combined, AC + DC UPS systems with microprocessor control and remote control.
* Development of tram switches heating regulator with GSM communication.
* Establishing Moscow subsidiary with goal of entering the market of Russian Federation


* Development of new generation of modular rectifiers with natural cooling and microprocessor communication, 2,5 kW (plug in module 6U x 21 TE)
* Joint venture project with German company regarding development of  new products such as bidirectional converters for German and Swiss market.
* Development of new generation of bidirectional converters AC-DC-AC  3 kVA, 3×400 V, AC / 500-850 V,DC / 3×400 V,AC, modular, parallel function
* Joint venture project with Al-Massa Group form Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding transfer of MARETON technology to GCC market
* Started the activities of a new project for building a new production facility in Zagreb.

MARETON d.o.o. - Energetska elektronika