Electric power production, transport distribution

Hydro power plans, thermal power plants, substations, overhead power lines, distribution centers


Electric locomotives, diesel- electric locomotives, passenger coaches, special wagons, electric traction substations, section facilities, railways level crossings, light signaling, railway switches

City public traffic

Electric parts for trams, tram infrastructure, electric parts for buses, passenger informing devices, electric parts for special vehicles

Marine sector

Electric parts for ships, Offshore solutions and electric parts, electric parts for shipyards

Solutions for water supply systems

Electric parts for water pumping stations, water pipelines system control, solutions for remote water consumption counter readings

Oil & gas sector

Solutions for: oil drill holes, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, measuring stations, oil refineries and gas industry.

Industry – generally speaking

Petrochemical industry, wood industry, clay brick industry, food industry, cement plants and other industry


Military applications

Scientific institutions (Universities, science institutes)


Special plants and facilities

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