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Activities of MARETON ltd.

„MARETON d.o.o. za  proizvodnju uređaja energetske elektronike“ or shortened  „MARETON d.o.o.“ is a limited liability company that is specialized in design, development and manufacturing of power electronics devices.

The term ˝power electronics˝ refers to devices or electronics devices systems that are capable of converting electric energy from one level and waveform into another level and waveform by using electronic components and power semiconductor components.

The most common power electronics products are rectifiers (AC/DC), battery chargers, DC converters (DC/DC), inverters (DC/AC), laboratory powering devices, constant current power supplies, and related measuring and protection electronic devices and systems. Most common power electronics systems are AC or DC UPS systems and combined AC and DC UPS systems as well.

Except design, development and manufacturing of power electronics devices and systems, we at Mareton develop and manufacture the other devices from the field of industrial electronics such as measuring, protection, alert, regulation and communication devices as well.


Mareton is specialized in manufacturing of electric parts for ships and railway vehicles.

Speciality of company Mareton ltd.

We in Mareton are specialized in design, developing and manufacturing of devices according to specific requests and requirements of our clients.

Just let us know your needs or difficulties in the field of power electronics and we will help in detecting problems and setting technical requirements of the appropriate device or system. We will develop, produce and test required device regardless of the quantity ordered. We are confident in our product´s quality, so the warranty periods for delivered (or commissioned) equipment are valid up to ten years. High quality of our products, cutting the edge on advanced technology levels in the field of power electronics as well as our devotion on solving our customer´s technical requests are setting the basic attitude of Mareton business approach.

Countries we have exported to

Colombia, Canada, Island, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Russia, Ghana, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Iran, Singapore, Indonesia, Iraq.

MARETON in numbers (from being founded, 1990 until 2016 )

No. of developed devices and systems more than 550 different types
No. of different products manufactured: more than 54.000 pieces
Input voltages of our power supply devices: from 3,3V up to  5.000V,  AC i DC
Output voltages of our power supply devices: from 1,8 V up to 10.000V,  AC i DC
Output power of our supply devices: from 1W up to 8MW
Autonomies of uninterruptible power supplies: more than 100 hrs

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Marko Štetić, inž.el.teh.

MARETON d.o.o. - Energetska elektronika